Akb48 no dating policy

It is actually really upsetting to think with all of these former idols out there that no one has stood up and demanded laws be changed for what the companies can ask of young girls. Christ, japanese logic and practices here never cease to entertain me. Also, I never said I was their 1 fan. I do think it's important to enforce child labor standards and sanction or shut down agencies that don't comply. Also, it's now a point of silliness among AKB members. And don't even get me started on the absurdity of suggesting that if these girls' parents are okay with it, then everything must naturally be okay. All Infringing the very basic ability for a young person to develop and appreciate natural, emotional, intellectual, and social milestones, that associate rapid physical changes during that roller coaster ride between puberty and adolescence.

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They're sweet faced naive year olds with no life experience and not a hint of guile.

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The No Dating Rule and its effects on the modern idol world

AKB's management didn't approve it even one bit. Please, not you too? The No Dating Rule and its effects on the modern idol wo That's the problem "fans don't see that the rule is a problem". I can't believe people are using the "They signed the contracts, no one put a gun to their heads" defense. To forbid it is barbaric. And that is sick. There ought be people telling starstruck young women to avoid the idol business.

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akb48 no dating policy
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akb48 no dating policy
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